Ecologically farming at Captains Creek Organic Farm, Dja Dja Wurrung country. 
We acknowledge the traditional owners of this land, the Djaara people, and pay respect to all First Nations people.

Who we are

The word Tumpinyeri is from the Ngarrindjeri language. Tump means life and inyeri means belonging to. Belonging to life is how we see ourselves and as growers we use regenerative farming practices to honour this.

Following the NASAA Organics guidelines we care for the soil, water and air in a holistic and respectful way. We promote and encourage biodiversity which in turn aids us if things become unbalanced.

Tumpinyeri Growers understand that healthy food comes from heathy soils and thriving ecosystems. Caring for country is the only way we can truly care for ourselves and all life.

The farm

Four generations of farming

Captains Creek Organic Farm has a long established and highly regarded reputation in Central Victoria. The May family have been farming the rich red volcanic clay-loam soil here at the foot of Kangaroo Hills for over 100 years.

In the late 1970s, brothers Rod, Greg and Doug May began transitioning away from conventional farming practice by reducing pesticide and synthetic fertiliser use. In 1985 Captains Creek became one of the first commercial farms certified by NASAA Organics.

Since then the three brothers have established well-thought-out shelter belts for fodder, shade, timber, and fruit and nut production. Orchards of chestnuts, walnuts and hazelnuts as well as around 400 apple trees have been enjoyed by the community for decades since.

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