Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

What is CSA?

Community-supported agriculture (CSA) is a democratic food production and distribution model. It means the eaters and the growers have made a bond and enter into an agreement together. 

The connection between the eaters and the growers effectively eliminates the middle man, providing seasonal, local and ecologically ethical food.

CSA is a critical tool for democratising the way we eat, providing real solutions to tackle our broken food system. 

So here’s how it works… 

People buy a subscription in a farm’s projected harvest in advance and for a set period (a season or a year, for example) and receive a weekly box. If possible the money is provided upfront so that the growers can buy seed, equipment and cover expenses for the season. The growers then plan and plant crops in succession to provide a range of fruits and vegetables all throughout the season, ensuring variety and convenience. 

Did you know?  

CSA was started in the 1970s by organic farmers in Japan and is based on the Principles of Teikei

Principles of Teikei

 Mutual assistance

 Accepting the produce

 Concession in the price decision

 Deepening friendly relationships


 Democratic management

 Learning among each group

 Maintaining the appropriate group scale

 Steady development

Tumpinyeri Growers CSA

As we are just establishing the CSA model we value new members input and appreciate your patience whilst we develop and build a system that helps us ethically feed the community.
We are aiming to have the first round of memberships available early Feb 2024.

Send us an expression of interested via the form below, we look forward to growing our friendships with you through food. 

The Boxes

The Regular Box – $50 pw

Comfortably feeds two people for a week with fresh veg and when available fruit and nuts too. 


The Large Box – $70 pw

Suitable for a family of four people for a week of fresh veg and when available fruit and nuts too. 


As fresh as it gets

Each week on a Thursday morning we will pack your boxes which will be ready to go the same day after 3pm. You have the option to pick up your box from a friendly neighbourhood ‘Pickup Hub’ near you or directly from the farm which is just outside of Daylesford. 

CSA Enquiry Form

Do you have a safe, weatherproof, accessible space suitable for storing CSA boxes? Please let us know in the comments below.

CSA Feedback Form