The People


I am a proud Ngarrindjeri and Narungga man who has always had a deep connection to plants. My many years in landscape construction and design along with my horticultural education has given me the experience and confidence to take on this next chapter, becoming an ethical farmer.

An avid traveller, I have gathered a wide array of skills and insights from Wwoofing abroad and meeting so many wonderful people from around the globe. Through this I learned to value diversity and develop knowledge sharing as one of my core traits.

After spending my twenties yo-yoing between Melbourne and overseas I have now returned to the land, a dream of mine since I moved away from the countryside as a young teenager.

Living, learning and loving life at Jonai Farms and Meatsmiths in 2020 for 6 months taught me the meaning of what real food is and how it needs to be produced for a healthy planet and healthy people.


I grew up a typical Melbourne kid, moved through art school, share houses, just trying to make it in the suburban concrete jungle.

But I longed for a more meaningful purpose in life, for a genuine connection with the natural world and for a healthier community. I wanted to become a farmer.

At the time I believed if you wanted to farm you had to do so on your own land, or else find a way to be employed on someone else’s. I was usually broke and felt uneasy about owning land where sovereignty was never ceded.

Instead, I decided to make a career in horticulture with a particular focus on growing food. I joined the National Green Corps, obtained cert 3 in horticulture at CERES and a diploma of permaculture design. I worked for organic retailers, in nurseries, dived into guerilla gardening and spent a lot of time volunteering for Food not Bombs.

Then Covid hit and I knew it was time for action! I wanted to grow food more than ever so I went to work at Somerset Heritage Produce in Seymour. We hunkered down and fed a lot of people through a CSA-model box subscription, as well as supplying farmers markets, local grocery stores and restaurants. Equipped with the tools to build resilient food systems, my partner and I moved to Central Victoria, where we found an even bigger community of like-minded producers, and through these connections met Josh and Nick. I am so grateful to be on this sharefarming journey as a part of the Tumpinyeri team.